September 26, 2022

Baltimore School Bus Accident Lawyer

Over 23 million school-age children ride school buses each day in the U.S. It is therefore not surprising that school bus-related accidents send 17,000 children to emergency rooms each year. Only 42% of school bus-related injuries are sustained in crashes, however. In fact, the majority of school bus injuries occur when children are boarding or exiting the school bus. Children may slip and fall while getting on or off the bus, passing motorists may fail to stop and hit children coming off the bus, or the bus driver may run a child over. In fact, it is estimated that two-thirds of all children killed while boarding or exiting a school bus are hit by the bus itself - not by another vehicle. Although most of school bus-related injuries are minor, school bus accidents can result in serious, catastrophic injuries or even death. If your child has been injured in a Baltimore school bus accident, whatever the cause, you should seek the advice of an experienced Baltimore bus accident lawyer.

The Baltimore school bus accident lawyer at the Law Office of Robert Feinberg, P.A. is skilled at handling all types of accident cases. Filing a lawsuit against a school, school district, or other public entity can be complex, and strict statutes of limitations apply. In addition, bus accidents may be caused by the negligence of the school or district, bus driver, or other drivers on the road, which can make it difficult to determine who is liable for your child's injuries. A Baltimore school bus accident lawyer can help investigate the cause of the accident, identify all responsible parties, and file a claim within the time limit set by law. Contact the Law Office of Robert Feinberg, P.A. at (410) 576-8888 today for a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your Baltimore school bus accident case.

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