September 26, 2022

Baltimore Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

Your insurer has a duty to you to honor the terms of your insurance policy. Unfortunately, many insurance companies are more interested in turning a profit that fulfilling its obligations to its customers. Insurance bad faith occurs when your insurance carrier denies or delays payment of your claim in violation of your insurance contract.

The law recognizes the disparity in bargaining power between an insurance company and its customers. As such, your insurance company has a duty to act in good faith and deal fairly with you when deciding whether to accept or deny your claim. This duty mandates, at minimum, that your insurance carrier refrain from engaging in the following unfair practices:

  • Failing to promptly and thoroughly investigate your claim
  • Requiring excessive statements and estimates to support a valid claim
  • Setting unreasonable appointment times for statements and estimates
  • Delaying payment of your claim
  • Failing to provide a written explanation of why your claim was denied
  • Withholding benefits guaranteed to you under your policy
  • Refusing to defend a lawsuit against you
  • Refusing to agree to a reasonable settlement offer in a lawsuit against you

If you believe your insurance carrier has acted in bad faith in handling your claim, contact an experienced Baltimore insurance bad faith attorney to discuss your case. At the Law Office of Robert Feinberg, P.A., we know how insurance companies operate, and we aggressively pursue every bad faith case we handle. The goal of our Baltimore insurance bad faith attorney is to get his clients maximum compensation for their case. Call (410) 576-8888 today for a free consultation regarding your Baltimore insurance bad faith case.

For more information on insurance bad faith cases, visit our resource center.

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